Why Does Morphine Addiction Escalate?

As an opiate painkiller, morphine is a narcotic. It is available by prescription in a variety of forms, such as oral solutions, immediate and time-released capsules and via injection. Morphine is normally used by medical clinicians as a sedative and it can be addictive both to recreational users and people who are prescribed the medication. Because of morphine’s addictive qualities many people struggle with addiction.

Why Can’t Morphine Addicts Quit?

Addiction is a disease, not a shameful secret. Addicts may try numerous times to quit their habit, but they often remain unsuccessful without professional help. There are many reasons why addicts seek medical help when desiring sobriety, and included in the following are some reasons addicts have difficulty stopping their addiction:

  • They are physically and psychologically dependent
  • Their environment enables addiction
  • They try to cope with traumatic experiences
  • They fail to see the addiction as damaging both to themselves and others

The brain can crave morphine, making the addict look for any options to satisfy the addiction. Many addicts use it to escape traumatic experiences or stress. Until they fully heal from their problems they are likely to continue using morphine to escape their pain. Addicts often find that, once they reach sobriety, that their addiction had a profound impact on both their lives and the people around them. Until an addict sees her addiction negatively, she will continue to abuse morphine.

How Morphine Addiction Impacts Others

Addiction has a profound effect on everyone. The following examples are all impacted by addiction:

  • Communities
  • Families
  • Friends
  • Strangers
  • Coworkers

Communities often face the struggle of cleaning up after an addict’s accidents, whether this is in legal fees, damage caused by an accident or clean up fees. Families are often impacted the most: they waver between what’s right for them and what’s right for the addict. Friends often ignore the addiction to keep the friendship. Car accidents are an example of how strangers are impacted by an addict’s actions. Morphine addicts are often sluggish and carefree and this can cause their work load to decrease and their quality of work to decrease. This can leave the addict’s coworkers responsible for their lack of work.

Morphine Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to morphine, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our staff is available 24 hours to answer your questions, so pick up the phone and call us today to conquer your addiction.