Who Is at Risk for Morphine Addiction?

Morphine addiction does not discriminate: everyone is at risk for developing an addiction. On the other hand, some specific factors can promote this addiction. There are a few common threads that bind most morphine users together, as many find that their addictions began from the same factors. Some causes of morphine addiction are as follows:

  • Genetics play a major part in creating addiction. This factor affects 50% of an addiction problem. If a potential morphine addict has a family history of addiction, the odds increase that she will develop an addiction as well.
  • A person’s environment can encourage addiction. If someone grows up in an unstable household where tensions are heavy, stress is prevalent and parents are disconnected, the likelihood of morphine addiction is greater. Also, if a person grows up in an area where violence and drugs are prevalent, peer pressure and seeing these behaviors as normal can encourage addiction.
  • Mental illnesses can trigger morphine addiction. A person battling a mental illness may find comfort or peace through the drug to alleviate some symptoms.

While some of the main causes of a morphine addiction lie in how a person was raised, family history or health, there are many external factors that encourage drug use. These factors are common and include the following issues:

  • High-stress jobs can lead people to use drugs for relaxation. Lawyers, law enforcement officers, those in the armed services, surgeons and many others harbor a great deal of stress and responsibility. The accountability placed upon a person in these fields can quickly become overbearing, which can lead people to stress-relievers such as using morphine.
  • Keeping company with drug users can be detrimental to sobriety, as may be the constant, underlying pressure to use morphine and fit in.
  • Indulging in other aspects of life can lead people to indulge in drugs. Indulgence is generally spurred on through impulsivity, which is a common denominator in morphine use.

Not everyone who harbors these characteristics will develop a morphine addiction. Many of these causes can lead to a problem with morphine, but often times these same factors are seen in users. By staying out of trouble, finding ways to relieve stress without drugs and by knowing your family history, you can easily prevent morphine addiction.

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