What Using Morphine Takes Away from You

Morphine addiction is one of the hardest addictions to break, because morphine is an opiate and bonds with the brain’s dopamine receptors to create powerful sensations of peace and euphoria. The negative side effects that accompany morphine abuse such as mild vertigo, sleepiness and nausea are rarely bad enough to discourage the user from repeat morphine use. As the user becomes enslaved to morphine these effects worsen, but the addiction remains stronger than the discomfort it causes.

Negative Consequences of Morphine Addiction

Morphine addicts need increasingly higher doses to achieve the same effects felt during the first use of the drug. More time, thought and money will go to feeding the addiction, and users will neglect personal needs, relationships and more. If the addiction continues, morphine will cause serious damage to kidneys and the respiratory system. It may also handicap the immune system, and some of the damage done to a user’s body can never be fully repaired.

How Morphine Addiction Recovery Can Help

Addiction treatment professionals specializing in opiate addiction will help users end morphine use. The process begins with detox, and medical professionals will be on hand to address withdrawal symptoms. Morphine addiction recovery is a long process. Persisting in therapy and refusing to give up on recovery will lead to long-term success. During treatment morphine users will learn how to control cravings, how to readopt a healthy lifestyle, how to rebuild relationships with loved ones and how to find confidence and self-worth. Life will never be exactly what it was before addiction, but a former addict can appreciate, enjoy and participate in life as never before, now that he or she knows what morphine addiction took away and what he or she has received back.

End Your Morphine Addiction

You don’t have to let morphine abuse make you powerless. Call our toll-free helpline today. We will help you find the treatment solution that will work best for you, and we are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about recovery. Don’t let morphine steal any more from your life. Give us a call today.