What If Morphine Rehab Isn’t for Me?

Morphine is an opiate that is derived from the poppy plant. It has such a high potency that it is sometimes abused by heroin addicts between hits of heroin. If you are addicted to morphine, you may wish to recover, but worry that morphine addiction treatment isn’t right for you.

You may be concerned that you will be miserable during treatment or that the process won’t lead to recovery. You may be afraid of giving up morphine, because you think you cannot function normally without using it. You may fear the withdrawal symptoms you might experience when you begin rehab and the detox process. However, no matter your fears, morphine rehab helps addicts recover from drug addiction, and recovery is for everyone. Morphine rehab exists for only one purpose: to help morphine addicts establish a life free from morphine abuse. With the tools and resources provided by rehab centers, you have a chance to heal.

What Happens in Morphine Rehabilitation?

If you have an idea of what happens in morphine rehab, you might feel more comfortable with the idea of beginning a morphine addiction treatment program. Morphine rehab typically begins with a cleansing process call detox, which removes all traces of morphine form a patient’s body, and thus curbs physical addiction. Detox may cause some withdrawal symptoms, but the process is medically supervised, to prevent any potential risks. Patients are made as comfortable as possible.

Detox is an integral aspect of treatment, but the bulk of morphine addiction treatment is counseling and other therapies, which help addicts modify their previous behaviors in such a way that they can stop abusing morphine. At the conclusion of treatment, recovery is maintained through services such as aftercare, in the form of outpatient meetings and sponsorships.

Help Finding Morphine Addiction Treatment

Are you addicted to morphine? Do you know and love someone who is addicted to morphine? No matter the situation, we are eager and willing to help you. If you would like more information about morphine abuse recovery, just call our 24 hour toll-free helpline for instant support from one of our trusted and trained counselors. Our phone counselors can answer your questions, connect you to a treatment program, and check your insurance information for your level of addiction treatment coverage. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today. All calls are completely free and confidential.