Progression of morphine addiction

The Progression of Morphine Addiction

Morphine is one of the most potent opiate drugs. Regardless of whether use begins recreationally or with a prescription, tolerance occurs quickly. Tolerance is the need for higher or more frequent doses to produce the original or desired effect. Tolerance occurs when the brain adjusts to the presence of morphine and stops making certain chemicals of its own.

Morphine Dependence

Dependence occurs after the morphine user has been taking the drug for some time and developed a tolerance. More frequent and higher doses of morphine usually lead to the user feeling like they need the medication to function and maintain feelings of normalcy. Dependence can be difficult to spot in many prescription drug situations, because use of morphine-containing medication began with a legitimate need for the drug. Going through a prescription too quickly or the feeling that no other pain reliever has an effect can be warning signs that a morphine user is at risk for dependence, and ultimately a candidate for addiction.

Morphine Physical and Psychological Addiction

Morphine-containing medications work by tapping into the brain’s reward system. Once the feelings of physical or emotional pain subside and are replaced with feelings of euphoria, the cycle can be hard to break. Morphine can actually alter the brain’s function, permanently altering an individual’s quality of life. If the warning signs of tolerance and dependence are ignored, addiction can develop. The morphine user’s chief concern will ultimately be locating and administering the drug. This can lead to poverty, the loss of family and friends and ultimately death. A morphine addiction will never truly go away without professional care and medical guidance.

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