The Importance of Healthy Friendships in Maintaining Morphine Addiction Recovery

The Importance of Healthy Friendships in Maintaining Morphine Addiction Recovery

Morphine addiction recovery can be difficult to maintain if people lack support from professionals, family members and close friends. Positive relationships and a healthy social life are key factors in maintaining morphine addiction recovery. Seek help if you want to break a morphine addiction.

Benefits of Morphine Addiction Support Groups

If you have friends who avoid morphine abuse, you may reap any of the following benefits:

  • Positive encouragement and non-stop support
  • Staying socially active with healthy drug-free people diminishes drug cravings
  • Close friends that know about your morphine abuse can help you stay clean when relapse triggers occur
  • Healthy friendships that center around honesty can reduce negative emotions that lead to relapse
  • Healthy friendships allow others to sense when negative emotions may lead to relapse

Support groups help people break morphine addiction.

How Friends Encourage Morphine Relapse

Many morphine addicts have unhealthy friendships associated with supplying, receiving and consuming morphine. These friendships are generally detrimental to addiction recovery and will often lead to relapse. Severing unhealthy relationships may be essential for maintaining addiction recovery. Friends you made while addicted can damage recovery in the following ways:

  • Friends may not share the desire to stop using drugs, so they may encourage the recovering addict to relapse
  • Cravings will be strong around people with whom you used drugs
  • Being friends with users during recovery can lead to negative emotions that can cause relapse

Addicts that are new to recovery may want to help their friends who still abuse drugs, but interacting with drug users can be dangerous, because the recovering addict is probably not well enough to help others. Focusing on personal recovery and gaining support from drug-free friends is essential to maintaining sobriety. Finding new friends can be difficult for addicts who are new to recovery, so start with a 12-step support group and personal mentors. You can also get involved with religious or recreational programs that offer healthy community to new friends. It takes time and honesty to build healthy friendships, but these relationships can help you get and stay clean from morphine abuse.

Find Morphine Addiction Treatment

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