The Danger of Thinking You Can Use Morphine Just One More Time

The Danger of Thinking You Can Use Morphine Just One More Time

Once a rehab program ends or before one begins, many people want to bid farewell to their drug with one last use. Unfortunately, a long “goodbye” to morphine can quickly become a dangerous “hello” to destruction. Seek help to get and stay clean from morphine abuse.

Consequences of Morphine Abuse before Rehab Begins

If you have committed to a rehab program but have not yet entered it, you may fear the challenges ahead of you. You may want to use drugs to soothe your vulnerability, but even if the rehab program has not formally begun, drug abuse can still damage the recovery process. Using drugs once more before rehab begins can create the following problems:

  • Preventing your arrival – A binge may lead to reckless behavior and consequences which destroy your travel plans
  • Diminishing your start point – An episode of morphine abuse before rehab begins makes recovery more difficult to achieve
  • Elevating morphine – Honoring morphine with a ceremonial last hit further builds up any legend of power you give the drug

In short, a last hit of morphine before rehab begins undermines the reason you are seeking help in the first place.

Consequences of Morphine Abuse after Rehab Ends

One more hit of morphine after rehab ends can cause any of the following problems:

  • Relapse – Recovering addicts are particularly vulnerable to relapse after they leave rehab, and drug abuse only increases the chances that they will need more help later
  • Overdose – If relapse does occur, the sobriety from rehab has reduced your tolerance to the drug, which makes you especially susceptible to a fatal overdose. With your old morphine tolerance gone, the dosage that used to feel good may suddenly be lethal.
  • Shame – If morphine abuse leads to full relapse, the shame of disappointing people you care about can become a formidable barrier to recovery

Celebrating with morphine abuse can quickly diminish the very accomplishments you are celebrating.

How to Resist Morphine Abuse

To resist the temptation of taking morphine just once more, remember the following illustrations:

  • “Cunning, baffling and powerful” – The Alcoholics Anonymous tradition portrays addicts as people trying to convince themselves to harm themselves. Anticipate the arguments addiction will make and be prepared to resist them.
  • A bad bet – Think of the last hit of morphine as a wager: you are betting you will be able to stop after one use. If you are wrong, you suffer a severe setback in your recovery. But, if you are right, the only prize you get is a single morphine high. In other words, it is a sucker’s bet.
  • An error – Taking one last hit of morphine before stopping forever could be seen as a scientific test of your ability to control morphine consumption. But, your addiction already proved your inability to limit and moderate consumption, so do not gamble with drug use again.

Reviewing and rehearsing these arguments against one last hit of morphine abuse can defend you against cravings even in vulnerable moments.

Morphine Abuse Help

If you or someone you know wants just one last hit of morphine before or after rehab, then call our toll-free helpline to find out ways to stay clean. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day, so seek their help now to protect your recovery.