Recreational Morphine Use among 18-25 Year-Olds

Recreational Morphine Use among 18-25 Year-Olds

Recreational morphine abuse usually ends with addiction. Not all recreational users end up addicted, but the likelihood is that most of them will. This depends on the method of and reasons behind morphine use. Some people abuse morphine to escape a traumatic event or to relieve tension, but others use it because it is socially acceptable in their social group. No matter the reason behind use, each dose brings the user closer to addiction. Get help today to break morphine abuse.

Why Do 18-25 Year-Olds Abuse Morphine?

Young adults are becoming addicted to morphine for the following reasons:

  • Repeatedly using medication early
  • Injection
  • Doctor shopping

Younger people are not as aware of the harm they inflict on themselves and others until they must face the consequences. Also, young adults enjoy instant gratification, and injecting drugs is the quickest way to feel the effects. Lastly, they may visit several doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions to such a powerful drug.

According to the results from the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, roughly 20% of the population aged 18-25 used illicit drugs like morphine. Also, this study reports that the average age at which those polled first used morphine was 21.3 years old. According to this survey, they also found that the number of people who reported drug dependence or abuse increased from 214,000 in 2002 to 359,000 in 2010.

Treatment Options for Younger Morphine Addicts

Finding age-specific treatment can be extremely beneficial for morphine addicts; these users should seek the following treatment methods:

  • Inpatient treatment programs
  • Group home facilities
  • Aftercare prevention

When choosing an inpatient treatment program, find a program with experience treating addicts aged 18-25. These treatment centers can tailor specific treatment programs to the addicts, because they understand and have experience with this age group. Group homes are divided by sex, age and addiction. For young adults this can be extremely beneficial, because it will be completely safe. This will not only help remove the addict from her environment, but it will also give her other people her age to relate to. Aftercare usually consists of group and individual therapy, which helps people avoid relapse.

Morphine Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is addicted to morphine, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you find treatment. Your life is worth it, so call us today for instant support.