Morphine Addiction Treatment Programs

What is Morphine?

Morphine is used for both short and long term pain relief. As an opiate it is generally considered the most effective method in drug pain relief. The over-arching group of drugs that morphine is a part of is called narcotic analgesics. Due to its addictive nature both physically and psychologically, healthcare professionals normally limit the amount of time a patient can use morphine.

Medical usage can turn into a recreational usage of the drug because of the additive nature and the dependency that can form once a patient is used to the effects of the drug. The euphoric high that is achieved can be enhanced by combining it with other drugs such as heroin or alcohol.

Morphine Addiction Treatment

There are both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs available for morphine addiction. Different facilities offer different focuses of treatment. Some treatment programs specialize in both physical and psychological rehab. Depending on the needs of the patient the rehab will vary. There is a range of rehabilitation facilities available to someone trying to break free from a morphine addiction.

There are long and short-term treatment facilities are both available. Which one patients choose is usually based on the stage of the addiction. If it is an advanced stage of addiction it may be helpful to remain in rehab longer. Mental, emotional and physical conditions will all be addressed within an inpatient facility to give the user the support needed to break the addiction and also have a less likely chance of relapse into the old addiction.

Morphine Detox

Detox can be a painful process. Medication may be prescribed to lessen the struggle of withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal can cause physical and emotional trauma to the user. Methadone can be used to ease the withdrawal symptoms but the chance of becoming addicted to methadone is also possible and the user should be aware of that risk if receiving treatment including methadone.

Need Help Finding A Morphine Addiction Treatment Program

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