Morphine Abuse and Drug Interactions

Morphine abuse is dangerous enough on its own, but when you combine it with other drugs you become even more likely to experience a drug overdose or a complication stemming from drug abuse. Combining drugs is always dangerous, even if you have been told that it is safe or if you have done it a hundred times without harm. If you are addicted to morphine and another drug, you can get help for your problem. Do not continue abusing morphine with another drug because you think it is impossible to quit. If you continue to abuse morphine and another drug, eventually it will catch up with you, either through the form of addiction or overdose.

Morphine’s Interaction with Other Drugs

Morphine’s interaction with other drugs can intensify the effect of either morphine or the other drug, but it can also increase your chance of overdose and cause health problems such as heart issues. Morphine negatively interacts with many substances, including alcohol, tramadol, Darvocet, Darvon, propoxyphene and amphetamines. The effects are unpredictable if you ingest morphine with another substance at the same time, but they could lead to seizures, heart attack or stroke. Combining drugs can put too much strain on the heart, leading to deadly consequences.

Addicted to Morphine and another Drug

Being addicted to morphine along with another drug is dangerous and also financially expensive. Addiction treatment can address your addiction even if you are addicted to multiple drugs. When you begin addiction treatment, you will go through detox where all drugs exit your body and you will recover from your physical addiction. Detox can be especially uncomfortable for users of multiple drugs, which is why it is important to attend professional treatment: medically supervised detox provides 24 hour, professional attention during this dangerous phase. Following detox, you will receive therapy that will help you delve into your addiction and learn how to live without morphine and other drugs.

Morphine Abuse Assistance

Call our toll-free helpline now and let us speak with you about recovering from morphine addiction. Whether you have been addicted for a month or years, we want to help you get your life back. Call us now and ask us about the different forms of morphine addiction treatment available; let us help you find a treatment center. We are here for you 24 hours a day and can tell you if your health insurance will cover the cost of morphine rehab. We want to help you make morphine a thing of the past, so call us now.