Misconceptions about Interventions for Morphine Users

Morphine is one of the oldest medicines still being prescribed by doctors, yet understanding of the drug remains shrouded in myths and misconceptions. Morphine is a powerful drug, and addiction to it is difficult to overcome. Recovery is often spurred by family support and intervention, but the intervention process is often confused or vilified by untruths.

Misconception: Morphine Makes Users Too Weak to Recover

No morphine addict is past a point of hope for recovery, but morphine is often associated with “the end of the line.” This misconception may come from a backward understanding of modern medical use of morphine. Today morphine is most commonly used in end-of-life care. Patients in hospices can be subject to tremendous levels of pain, and nothing can counteract pain as well as morphine. When a patient dies after long period of morphine use, it is rarely the morphine that leads to death.

A morphine addict who is not suffering from a terminal disease will suffer physical effects from morphine use. However these effects are not likely to be worse than the effects of any other opioid drug that has been used to the point of abuse. A recovery from morphine addiction is still physically possible.

Misconception: Morphine Users Are Too Violent for Intervention

This misconception may come from an incomplete understanding of the withdrawal symptoms of morphine. One of the drawbacks of morphine, from a medical perspective, is the fast rate at which the body becomes tolerant of the drug. This adaptation by the body means that an ever-increasing amount of the drug must be used to achieve the same pain-reducing effect.

When the supply of the drug is interrupted, the compensations the body has made are still in place. Without the morphine those compensations can have extremely painful and frightening consequences for the user. Some people can act violently during this period of withdrawal. However this potential violence is not a threat during a properly conducted intervention.

Morphine Intervention Help

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