How to Party Without Morphine

How to Party Without Morphine

Morphine can completely eliminate the sensation of both physical and emotional pain while simultaneously providing euphoria. The drug’s effects are so powerful that users can develop a psychological addiction after just one use. Morphine is a popular drug among recreational users: they are willing to accept the risks of drug abuse to party.

Morphine is used in party situations because it can minimize inhibitions and feelings of anxiety. It allows people who feel stress, anxiety and other issues to minimize their social abilities, to feel confident and fully capable of socializing. Recreational morphine users will crush morphine tablets and snort the powders in party situations. They will also mix the drug with alcohol and other drugs, like tranquilizers, to enhance a euphoric high. However, if recovering morphine users seek professional help, they can quit drugs and have fun without relapsing.

Risks of Recreational Morphine Abuse

Recreational morphine use carries many risks even after a single use. The drug is highly addictive and greatly impairs both physical and mental performance. Many accidents and injuries occur when people are under the influence of this drug. When morphine is used to party, overdose and life-threatening health concerns are at risk because large amounts of the drug will depress the CNS system. This may affect respiratory rate, heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure and the functioning of vital organs so much that they suffer or even quit. Using multiple depressing or tranquilizing drugs will dramatically slow the brain’s functioning and can result in death.

How to Have Fun at a Party without Morphine

Recovering morphine users can stay sober at parties. While the media and pop-culture praises sloppy, inebriated social encounters, the effects of these events are rarely discussed, and never in a good way. However, staying sober at a party has any of the following benefits:

  • Saving money
  • Eliminating risk of DUI and other legal penalties
  • Avoiding a hangover and feeling worthless
  • Allowing for authentic conversations that will be remembered
  • Reducing humiliating or embarrassing behavior while under the influence

For those who want to have a good time without morphine, they must find events with activities, games and other sober individuals. Activities geared towards a specific interest or hobby are especially helpful, because everyone is there for the same reason.

Help Quitting and Avoiding Morphine

The effects of morphine are short-lived, but not everyone realizes this before they repeatedly use morphine to recreate the high. Eventually, these users cross the line into dependency and addiction, even if they would give anything to turn back time and stop their recreational drug use while they had the chance. If you acknowledge the harmful, undesirable effects of your morphine abuse, then it is time to get sober. The longer morphine addiction continues, the harder it becomes to get sober.

To learn about your treatment and recovery options for morphine abuse, please call our toll-free helpline, because an addiction counselor can help you. Addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and to connect you with the recovery resources that will help you get clean. If you’re ready to find sobriety, give us a call right now and learn how we can help get you there.