How to Ask for Help with Morphine Addiction

Morphine is a substance found in many analgesic drugs. When taken correctly under the care of a doctor it can be an effective and helpful treatment for moderate to chronic pain. However it is a habit-forming drug, and morphine users have a high risk of moving from receiving medical treatment to abusing a substance.

Morphine Abuse and Society

Over the past decade the amount of persons becoming addicted to morphine has been on the rise. This has led to the following statistics:

  • Morphine is ranked as the third leading cause for emergency room visits behind only drug and alcohol combinations and cocaine
  • Persons under the influence of morphine or similar painkillers are the cause of around 22 percent of drug-related car crashes in the United States
  • Morphine addiction costs Americans close to $500 billion annually in healthcare costs, criminal justice costs, accidents and health care

Morphine abuse does not just affect the individual. It has lasting and costly ramifications on the entire community. This is a reason why many morphine addicts are reaching out for help.

Common Misconceptions about Asking for Morphine Addiction Help

The relationship between drug use and culture is full of stereotypes. We often assign labels to persons based on what we have seen on the news or in the movies. Media leads to the characterizing of drug addicts as seedy derelicts that hang out in back alleys and on street corners. This makes it difficult for many people to admit they suffer from morphine addiction, as they fear stigmatism and social repercussions. In reality many morphine users wear suits and work in corporate America. Morphine addiction can happen to anyone who has been prescribed the drug or has been curious about its recreational effects. Addiction is not a moral weakness but is instead a complex disease. Furthermore, morphine abuse is nearly impossible to overcome alone. The longer a person tries to hide morphine addiction or puts off asking for help, the greater the physical, emotional and psychological toll will be on his or her life.

Find the Help You Need for Morphine Addiction

If you are struggling with morphine addiction, reaching out for help is much easier then it seems. Morphine addiction is too difficult to fight alone. Pick up the phone and call our safe and confidential recovery helpline. You will talk with a trained recovery specialist who is waiting to provide you with the personalized support you need to rediscover sober living. Reaching out for help is an impressive act of courage. Call our toll-free helpline today, and let us help you in your fight against morphine addiction.