How Others Influence Your Morphine Use

How Others Influence Your Morphine Use

Addiction can be influenced by many factors including media, friends, family and one’s environment. Individuals are influenced daily on a number of choices they make, from food to what car to buy to what clothes to wear. So it is reasonable to believe that these influences can also influence one’s use of drugs.

How Is Morphine Use Portrayed in Today’s Society?

Today’s society, through media portrayals, celebrities and friends or family, often has misguided ideas of how addiction impacts the user’s life and how addiction impacts the individual’s health. Included in the following are some examples of how morphine addiction is portrayed in today’s society.

  • It is a choice
  • The user cannot overcome addiction without medical help
  • The user could stop at any time

Today’s society often portrays addiction as a choice. However, studies have shown how addiction affects the brain and how addiction becomes more than a choice. It becomes a disease. For severe addiction, many users will need medical help to stop use. However, not all addicts will need medical help to achieve and maintain sobriety. Unless an addict is fully committed to achieve sobriety, he will not be able to successfully stop using morphine.

How Do Friends and Families Influence Use?

Family and friends can have a major influence on an individual’s life. Included in the following are some examples of how family and friends influence addiction:

  • Giving the user a genetic preexisting vulnerability toward addiction
  • Pressuring the user to conform
  • Providing a positive or negative home environment

A family member or friend may already be struggling with an addiction. Because of a loved one’s struggles, you may have also struggled with addiction or may be predisposed to addiction. Having a family history of addiction does not necessarily mean you will become an addict. It just means you may need to be more careful than others. Friends who are struggling with addiction may feel isolated and pressure you to use to help them feel less judged and give them companionship. Environment can also play a major factor in addiction. If drug paraphernalia is present, it may be more likely for an individual to become curious and try the drug.

Morphine Addiction Treatment

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