How Morphine Addiction Affects Communities

Someone who develops a morphine addiction may not see how his actions affect others, but addiction causes serious concern for family, friends and an addict’s community. Morphine addiction can be the difference between a happy home and a war zone, wedging those who avoid drugs between a rock and a hard place.

Ways That Morphine Impacts a Community

There are many ways morphine addiction damages communities, especially in the following ways:

  • Continually using morphine can cause boredom when people are not high because the body slows down and energy levels drop. Being unable to stimulate the body and mind can leave a user with too much time, which can aid the development of bad habits and poor behavior. This can impact those who an addict lives with and even others as her behavior can become erratic in attempts to break monotony.
  • An increased crime rate is usually common in communities with morphine users. As the drug becomes the object of their affection, users may become so deeply addicted that they will do anything to obtain and take morphine. For a community, this can mean an increase in break-ins, thefts and assaults. This can also invite into the community even more people who are addicted to morphine, making the problem grow even bigger and faster than before. The attraction to an area where other morphine users live is enough to invite the wrong crowd.
  • Violence is much more prevalent in areas where morphine is abused. This occurs because those who are looking for their next hit will do almost anything to get it. The violence that can occur in a community can be anything from a stolen purse to murder.
  • The development of gangs is also probable in a community where morphine use is active. Certain users may band together to obtain the most morphine and other drugs possible to split them among themselves. This creates a hostile living environment for onlookers, as violence and crime generally come along with a gang.

Morphine addiction is not a joke, and its effects can impact not only the users and those closest to them, but also everyone else around them. The downwards spiral that drug use causes can lead user to do things they never considered before, such as engaging in violence or crime. The more prevalent the drug use in an area, the more likely a community will suffer with addicts.

Help With a Morphine Addiction

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