Morphine addiction affecting family

How Morphine Abuse Affects Families

Addiction is a powerful force in the life of an addicted person, and it is also a powerful force in the family and friends of an addicted person. Addiction is a family disease, and the addiction of one family member can affect the entire family.

Morphine is a highly addictive opiate drug that is similar to heroin. Like heroin, users can become hooked on morphine quickly. The opiate painkillers in morphine work quickly on the brain to affect the brain’s pain receptors, causing an addictive euphoric feeling. Some users of morphine are so addicted that they resort to illegal means to find more of this powerful drug, sometimes taking more than 40 pills a day.

Your Family and Morphine

There’s no question that morphine is a powerfully addictive drug. But a morphine addiction can affect the whole family in the following devastating ways:

  • You can lose your children. Morphine is a highly controlled substance. If you are using illegal amounts of morphine or are arrested for morphine use, your children may end up in state custody. If illegal morphine is found in your home, it can become a matter for child welfare services. State workers take this seriously, and the effects can be long-lasting and damaging for everyone involved.
  • You can lose your job and your ability to support your family. Most people rely on their job to support their family. Most employers have a low tolerance for drug use and abuse and will let you go if they find you are abusing drugs. Morphine is also an expensive addiction. The cost of morphine can run into thousands of dollars each week. Your family may end up in debt or faced with dangerous situations as addiction takes its toll.
  • Morphine makes you change. Morphine makes you a different person, and that person is not warm, funny or likeable. While morphine can initially make you feel more pleasant, the effects quickly wear off. Besides the dangerous effects morphine has on your body, withdrawals or even high doses can make you anxious, irritable, angry, violent or even psychotic. Even if you have been taking morphine for a long period of time, side effects can suddenly appear and an overdose can happen anytime. If you are desperate for the next morphine dose, you may do things you would never normally do.

Find Help for Morphine Abuse Now

Don’t let the cycle of abuse destroy your family. Even if things are bad now, there is hope. Recovery is within reach. Let us help you rebuild your life and your family. When you call our toll-free number, you will speak with an experienced counselor who will take the time to learn more about your family and help you make the first step toward recovery. You can talk to us 24 hours a day. The biggest change begins with one small step.