How Long Does It Take to Get Addicted to Morphine?

Morphine addiction can take years or a couple days to develop. Whether you got addicted overnight or after three years, morphine addiction is extreme. Morphine is one of the most addictive drugs there is, and is extracted from the same plant as heroin. When you’re hooked on morphine nothing else matters. The consequences of morphine addiction are severe and can hurt you and those around you. One mistake can end in death by overdose. This is a risk you take every time you abuse morphine. The only way to avoid that risk is to get treatment now and end your morphine addiction.

Why Do You Become Addicted to Morphine?

Most users become addicted to morphine within a few weeks of beginning regular abuse. Morphine is a potent drug that causes the body to become dependent much faster than with many other drugs. Once the body is dependent, the user begins feeling withdrawal symptoms such as migraine headaches, paranoia, and vomiting. These withdrawal symptoms cause the user to abuse the drug more, and lead to a greater dependence. Once morphine addiction begins, the user is stuck in a vicious cycle of addiction.

Morphine affects users quickly, especially if injected into the bloodstream. When present, morphine causes extreme relaxation, and an overall euphoria. The brain enjoys this as thoroughly as the body, re-wiring neural pathways to reinforce behaviors that lead to drug use. Some users have reported addiction symptoms after one use, but with others it takes longer. However, addiction is inevitable with regular use.

Breaking the Cycle of Morphine Addiction

You don’t have to live your life addicted to morphine. Through morphine addiction treatment, you can change your circumstances. Morphine addiction treatment will supply you with the tools you need to avoid relapse after you are released from treatment. When selecting a morphine addiction treatment center, always look for one that focuses on more than your physical needs. To beat morphine addiction, you’ll have to heal physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. The more personalized your treatment plan is, the more effective it will be.

Looking for Morphine Addiction Treatment?

If you are searching for a way to get off morphine, we can help. Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day. We are always here to talk to you about your treatment options. We can talk you through selecting an effective treatment center, all the way up to getting enrolled. Call us today and find out if your health insurance provider offers assistance in paying for rehab. Morphine shouldn’t be the focus of your life. There are greater things out there. Call now, and discover them today.