Hepatitis and Morphine Abuse

Hepatitis and Morphine Abuse

Hepatitis is a painful liver disease caused when a virus infiltrates and inflames the liver. It may surprise readers to think of morphine in conjunction with hepatitis, but abusing this opiate has serious consequences for liver health and addiction recovery.

How Morphine Abuse Causes Hepatitis

Morphine addiction does not directly cause any forms of hepatitis, but compulsive morphine use has debilitating effects on the user’s immune system. This weakens the body’s defenses against a hepatitis virus, but it also may stem from abusing the drug. For instance, users may share needles with each other, which can pass hepatitis from one patient to another.

Once the virus develops in the liver, morphine actually speeds up the infection process. This causes the infection to spread more quickly and increase the chances that liver damage or failure will occur. This is a dangerous predicament to be in, because the pain of hepatitis will naturally drive a morphine addict to consume the drug in ever greater quantities to relieve pain. A combination such as this will unquestionably lead to death if people do not seek treatment.

Hepatitis Complications Caused by Morphine

Morphine not only accelerates how quickly hepatitis will spread, but it can also cause any of the following side effects:

  • Nausea and vomiting, added to already-intense pain from the liver
  • Slowed breathing that decreases the liver’s oxygen supply
  • Slowed heart rate, which keeps fresh blood from circulating as quickly as necessary
  • Impaired memory, which keeps patients from remembering if and when they took prescription medications or took a dose of morphine
  • Physical and psychological dependence, which makes users resist interventions even when they confront serious health risks from drug abuse
  • Severe withdrawals, which will further complicate hepatitis recovery

It is crucial that the loved ones of hepatitis patients know of any drug the patient takes. In this way, they can be on the lookout not only for irreparable harm from hepatitis, but also the need for rehab for either addiction or overdose.

Help for Morphine Abuse and Hepatitis

If you or your loved one suffers from morphine abuse and hepatitis, we encourage you to call our toll-free helpline today. The call will be confidential and the counselor you talk with will not judge you. Know that recovery is possible, and you don’t have to search for it on your own. Call us anytime, as we are open 24 hours a day to offer the information and encouragement you need to find treatment. You can conquer addiction while putting physical health first, so seek us today for immediate help.