Fear of Missing Out If Not Using Morphine

One of the biggest reasons people are hesitant about rehab is because they fear treatments will change how they socialize. Drugs can become a defining part of the club scene or end up being an activity to do with friends. For morphine addicts, the drug can have a relaxing effect which may make socializing less stressful and easier in comparison with socializing sober. Using morphine to satisfy other people will make fake friends – or friends who are just as helplessly addicted.

Effects of Morphine

Morphine works in the reward pathways of the brain creating a sense of euphoria. It’s often abused in an attempt to relive anxiety or stress, or even suppress the effects of a mental health disorder (such as depression). Pain relief is a big part of morphine abuse. Whether to pain that is physical or emotional, morphine can cause numbness. Unfortunately, the numbing of the central nervous system can cause disorientation, confusion, and a lack of coordination. Heavy use of morphine in combination with other drugs can lead to accidents or injuries – a fall down the stairs, a car crash. Withdrawal symptoms are a sure sign of addiction and can become disruptive. Instead of getting clean, an addict will keep using to feel “normal” and keep participating in social activities which may include using more morphine and other drugs.

Finding New Interests after Recovering from Morphine Addiction

The negative effects of an addiction greatly outweigh the positives. Remaining in a self-destructive addiction to please others or to socialize will only worsen the situation. In rehab you can find the support and encouragement you need to get clean and stay clean. Behavioral therapies will give you tips on how to avoid relapse triggers – people, places, or events that make it difficult to resist using. You’ll find empathetic peers who want to live without addiction while still having fun, just like you. Rehab will give you the chance to rediscover yourself and find new interests. You might decide to travel or get into physical fitness, or maybe even take up sculpting. Accomplishing your goals may also be in your future if you give up morphine use. You could finish school or get your dream job. When you recover from morphine addiction, doors open and opportunities to better your life will multiply.

Morphine Addiction Help

Please don’t hesitate to call our toll-free helpline if you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction. We’re waiting to answer any and all of your questions whenever you need us – 24 hours a day. If you’re concerned about finances, ask about how your insurance may cover the costs of rehab. Call now.