Does the Media Affect Morphine Use?

Contemporary media frequently depicts drug addiction; unfortunately, they often portray it inaccurately. It has demonized opiates like morphine as it also romanticizes it. Addicts have been portrayed as reckless junkies, but also upscale socialites, glamorous criminals and misunderstood poets. Films, television shows, novels and modern music are fascinated by the danger of narcotics, addiction and even rehab. With few exceptions these perspectives on addiction miss the mark.

How the Media Glamorizes Morphine Addiction

Most morphine addicts are not gangsters, prostitutes, drug dealers or rock stars. They are normal people who found themselves hooked after prescription use or after getting the drug from a friend or family member. Anyone can become addicted to morphine, as it is an incredibly addictive substance.
There is some truth to when the media depicts morphine addicts as hollow human shells that will do anything to obtain more drugs. When people are addicted to morphine, everything in life takes a back seat to the drug and people sink to levels they never imagined possible in order to get another dose.

Consequences of Morphine Addiction

Once addicted, morphine strips people of most of the things that make life worth living, including the following factors:

  • Healthy relationships are sacrificed for meaningless connections with other addicts
  • Finances are depleted
  • Legal problems lead to prosecution, fines and prison
  • Heart, lung, brain and other physiological complications limit the length and quality of life
  • Addicts prioritize drug use over all of the things they once loved to do
  • Overdose can lead to permanent brain damage or death

Several films show musicians or painters using morphine to open their minds to other dimensions of expression and creativity. While it is true that many artists have experienced this kind of out-of-body experience, these depictions rarely show the physical, emotional or mental effects of developing a morphine addiction. An artist’s creative spark and drive are often converted to drug-seeking desperation.

Help for Morphine Addiction

If you have questions about how the media portrays morphine use, or about the process of beating morphine addiction safely, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our addiction counselors are ready to help you find freedom from opiate addiction through careful, comprehensive treatment. We can connect you with the best recovery resources available for your specific needs and can even provide free insurance confirmation services. The call is confidential and toll free so you have nothing to lose. Don’t let morphine addiction ruin your life.