Demographic Influences on Morphine Abuse

Demographic Influences on Morphine Abuse

Many people do not know that morphine can be abused for a powerful high, but morphine abuse and addiction is highly prevalent, especially among Caucasians who suffer from chronic pain. Morphine can be injected or taken orally, and many people abuse it to relieve chronic pain from physically demanding jobs, such as construction work. Demographics play a significant role in who abuses morphine and why, but professional treatment is available to help users get and stay clean.

Morphine Abuse Demographics

The following demographic features all affect morphine abuse:

  • The average age of first time morphine abuse is 21 years old
  • More than two thirds of morphine addicts report being sexually abused or harassed as children
  • Morphine abuse and addiction lead to many major crimes in and around large US cities
  • People suffering from constant stress commonly abuse and become addicted to morphine
  • Physically demanding jobs for little pay commonly contribute to morphine abuse
  • Low income or unemployment often lead to morphine abuse, especially in highly populated areas where morphine can be illegally obtained

It is fairly easy to obtain morphine tablets in major cities, because users can do so legally with a prescription, or illegally from street vendors. Also, many people abuse the drug or become addicted to it as they try to manage chronic pain. Individuals such as construction workers commonly report problems of pain from job related injuries or stress, and these workers may be prescribed morphine to manage their severe symptoms. Lastly, many people use higher doses or regular doses more often than prescribed, which can easily cause addiction symptoms.

Crime and Morphine Abuse

Major crimes significantly contribute to morphine abuse and addiction. People of low income or with gang affiliations commonly distribute morphine on the streets at high quantities. This illegal distribution greatly contributes to morphine abuse, because it makes the substance easier to obtain. Also, addiction itself feeds drug abuse, because it makes users become preoccupied with obtaining and consuming the drug. Morphine addiction can also devastate lives, because it is such an expensive habit: it can cost up to two hundred dollars a day to support morphine abuse habits. Due to these costs, addicts will commonly turn to illegal activities (such as theft, prostitution and drug dealing) to support their drug abuse. Lastly, many people engage in doctor shopping to obtain morphine. Users will go to multiple doctors for multiple prescriptions of morphine; they may either fake pain symptoms or capitalizing on a real struggle with chronic pain. These crimes contribute to morphine abuse, and users need professional help to get and stay clean from this powerful drug.

Find Morphine Addiction Treatment

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