Can Morphine Withdrawal Symptoms Be Fatal?

Can Morphine Withdrawal Symptoms Be Fatal?

Morphine is a prescription medication used to help relieve pain. You or a loved one may experience withdrawal symptoms if morphine is stopped abruptly. While morphine withdrawal may be unpleasant it is usually not life-threatening. However, it is important to slowly wean yourself off morphine with the help of treatment or your health care provider.

Morphine Withdrawal Symptoms

Morphine withdrawal symptoms can be severe, however for the majority of people who experience morphine withdrawal the symptoms are not life threatening. Included in the following are some of morphine’s withdrawal symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia

The body becomes accustomed to the effects of morphine over a period of time. If morphine is stopped abruptly, the possibility of experiencing withdrawal symptoms is high. Morphine withdrawal can occur with chronic, legitimate use of the drug, as well as people who use morphine recreationally. Morphine withdrawal is a normal and predictable to stopping the medication. It does not necessarily indicate morphine abuse. However, morphine withdrawal is more likely to occur in cases of morphine addiction.

Safe Recovery from Morphine Dependence

If you or a loved one is experiencing withdrawal symptoms from morphine, you can becomes scared or frightened. Included in the following are some guidelines and steps that can help the addict recover safely:

  • Inpatient treatment. This can help the addict by allowing medical staff to relieve pain caused by withdrawal symptoms.
  • Outpatient treatment. This can include counseling, support group, or community programs that help and support addicts on the route to sobriety.
  • Healthcare providers. Inform your doctor of your struggles and the symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Reach out. Reach out to family and friends. They can help distract you or take you to receive medical help if necessary.

You can withdrawal from morphine safely and pain free if you seek the proper help. By seeking help or treatment you are not seen as weak, you are strong for wanting to change your life. Sobriety is not easy whether the addiction is intentional or accidental. However, we can help ease the stress and pain to help achieving and maintaining sobriety easier.

Morphine Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is suffering from morphine addiction, please call our toll-free help line today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your addiction and treatment questions. You can stop the struggle, if you call us today.