Breaking the Cycle of Morphine Addiction

Morphine addiction has become more prevalent and as a result has become more present in our culture. There is hope that increased awareness of the damaging effects that morphine abuse can have will serve as a catalyst for a movement to stop this cycle of addiction.

Losing Control of Morphine Use

Many of us have probably heard a friend or loved one casually describe an addiction to coffee or cigarettes or a more serious substance. The words, “I can quit anytime I want” are easily said but difficult to prove. This is the case for two reasons. One, it reinforces the idea that trying to quit on your own can free you from addiction while, preserving you from the perceived shame of getting help. Secondly, it is simply not true – few, if any addicts, could quit on their own even if they desperately wanted to.

This is not meant to be discouraging, but rather as encouragement to get help. There is no shame in reaching out and seeking treatment. The attempt to quit without any help or treatment is the cause of the endless cycle of addiction in many people’s lives. Because detox and withdrawal symptoms can be so severe, individuals attempting to quit without treatment are typically unable to resist the temptation to return to drug use – an action that, though ultimately destructive, will bring temporary relief.

It Takes Courage to Break the Cycle of Morphine Addiction

A misconception among many people struggling with drug addiction is that they can show courage by trying to quit “cold turkey.” The truth is that the courage that can save you is the courage it takes to admit your struggle and get help. Getting into rehab is not only the smartest, safest way to combat drug addiction, it is also the way that works.

Get Help with Morphine Addiction

If you are struggling with morphine addiction and want help, take the courageous step of making a phone call. Our toll-free, helpline is available 24 hours a day with trained addiction counselors waiting to take your call. Break the cycle of addiction and start moving forward again. Call now.