5 Ways to Rebuild Your Life After Morphine Rehabilitation

5 Ways to Rebuild Your Life After Morphine RehabilitationCompleting a rehab program is no small accomplishment. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that only 40 percent of individuals who enter treatment complete their program. However being among this small percentage is only the beginning. Rebuilding your life after morphine addiction and rehab is essential for finding purpose, staying active, and maintaining your recovery.

Continue with Treatment

Morphine addiction is a chronic disease. Attending a rehab program isn’t enough to guarantee lifelong recovery, as there is no “cure” for addiction. Instead maintaining sobriety involves continuing to attend therapy sessions and support group meetings. Sobriety requires vigilance, effort, and accountability; relapse becomes likely if any of these are absent. Rebuilding your life means making recovery maintenance a part of your regular schedule.

Create Healthy Habits

Continuing with treatment is one healthy habit that should be a part of your morphine addiction recovery, but not all habits have to revolve directly around addiction. The CNN.com article “Replacing Addiction with a Healthy Obsession” reveals that “Understanding the biology of how we develop routines that may be harmful to us, and how to break those routines and embrace new ones, could help us change our lifestyles and adopt healthier behaviors.” Learning what habits and routines reinforce addictive behavior can help you avoid them or develop strategies to address them. Recognizing and reinforcing healthy habits like exercising and eating well can help force addiction to take a back seat in your life.

Improve Your Social Situation

Finding or repairing healthy social bonds are a part of rebuilding life after morphine rehab. Scientists can predict addiction and relapse risk based on peer relationships, family support, and other sources of social influence. Life after rehab should be social and active, and this involves finding relationships that support recovery and a morphine-free lifestyle.

Explore Your Self and Identity

Learning who you are, and learning to accept and love that person, is essential for recovery. Being honest with yourself allows you to see your flaws and your strengths and address the first while drawing on the latter. Morphine can leave users defining themselves as nothing more than “an addict,” but finding an identity separate from that which was associated with the drug creates a sense of self and identity after rehab.

Have Fun

Discover what you enjoy and what you like to do. Recovery requires work, but it also involves having fun in new and healthy ways. Sign up for art or dance classes or explore old or new hobbies. Arrange game nights with friends or take yourself to the movies. There are many ways to discover what you like to do to have a good time after morphine rehab.

Find Life after Morphine Addiction

If you or a loved one is struggling with morphine addiction, now is the time to begin treatment and find a life after addiction. Call our toll-free helpline to get connected to the best resources for long-term addiction recovery. We are here 24 hours a day, so there is no wrong time to pick up the phone.