4 Ways Going with the Flow in Rehab Is the Right Decision

4 Ways Going with the Flow in Rehab Is the Right Decision

You have been stressed and challenged by addiction for far too long, so now is time to go with the flow in professional treatment. Drug use creates stress, confusion and other negative emotions, but rehab is the time to learn how to address these emotions rather than resist, feel defensive about and/or hold on to them. When you go with the flow in treatment, you will benefit from rehab no matter your underlying thoughts. In fact, if you accept the help of rehab, then you will give yourself a chance to relax, feel better and create a drug-free life.

Go with the Flow in Rehab for Countless Benefits

To benefit from rehab, you do not have to believe that you are an addict or that you even need help. In fact, few addicts believe their problems warrant treatment or that treatment will even work. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shares that, “of the 20.2 million persons needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug or alcohol use in the past year, 95.5 percent did not feel they needed treatment”[1]. In short, if you are in rehab but think you do not belong there, then know that many people think the same way. In response, go with the flow and acknowledge that your thoughts are normal; also, know that the professionals at your rehab center know how you feel. Most recovering addicts once felt the same way as you, but they may now lead drug-free lives if they accepted these problems.

Go with the Flow to Eliminate Stress

Addiction is stressful, but fighting addiction and recovery is even more so. Substance Abuse explains that “stress increases the likelihood of alcohol and drug use, and can precipitate relapses following treatment. Clinicians and researchers recognize the critical need to incorporate stress management techniques into inpatient and outpatient treatment”[2]. To put it bluntly, you can fight recovery and rehab every inch of the way, or you can go with the flow and give yourself a chance to change. Stress and addiction are closely connect, so creating more stress for yourself only exacerbates addiction and puts you at risk for relapse. However, if you go with the flow in rehab, then you can manage stress and make the most of recovery while you are away from everyday life. Even if you begin rehab with the thought that you will relapse after treatment ends, your stress-management skills will improve your life and offer opportunities for pursuing recovery later in life. However, once you go with the flow in treatment, you may truly enjoy getting away from stressful relationships and the need to obtain and use drugs. Rehab may offer the break from stress you need to quit drugs and decide that recovery is worth the work.

Go with the Flow to Feel Better

Although your brain may tell you otherwise, drug use does not make you feel better. In fact, Frontiers in Psychiatry explains that, while people, abuse drugs, “the excessive release of dopamine and opioid peptides produces subsequent activation of dynorphin systems, which has been hypothesized to feed back to decrease dopamine release and also contribute to the dysphoric syndrome”[3]. In other words, when you use drugs, you produce fewer natural chemicals that promote wellbeing, so you experience more negative feelings than positive ones. However, when you go with the flow in rehab, you begin to see and feel what life without addiction can be like. You will learn how to find true pleasure, happiness and satisfaction, because you feel better than you ever did with drugs.

Go with the Flow to Give Recovery a Chance

Recovery takes time, which may frustrate you if you simply want addiction to be over, and especially if you do not see the point in rehab anyway. However, addiction builds gradually, so it will take time to deconstruct. In fact, the DANA Foundation explains that “the brain changes associated with genuine addiction long outlast the withdrawal phase for any drug…The biological memories of the drug can be as profound and long-lasting as any other kinds of memories, and cues can activate the executive system to initiate drug-seeking years after the most recent previous exposure”[4]. In short, if you go with the flow of rehab, then you give your brain the time it needs to reverse some of the changes that addiction has created. You can develop new memories and learn how to navigate or replace harmful ones; you can build a new, healthy life and see that you can not only find recovery, but also that recovery is worth the work.

Give Rehab and Recovery a Chance

You cannot lose by going to rehab: you will learn ways to manage stress, experience life without addiction and build the foundation for a drug-free life. Call our toll-free helpline now to learn about your opportunities for personalized, effective addiction treatment. Our admissions coordinators are here 24 hours a day, so please reach out right now for help.


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